Write 31 Days – October 2018

What is “Write 31 Days”

“Write 31 Days” is a writing challenge occur during the month of October.
The writing can be on any topic.

My History of Write 31 Days

I had attempted this challenge in 2016, on the topic of Fountain Pen Writing. I happened to pick my hobby to explore and write about for that time.
Wait for me to dig out the old content to reload (I deleted my old WordPress website).

Write 31 Days @ 2018

I am not sure about my overall topic or theme to be this year. Unlike in 2016, I was somewhat prepared and had a few posts pre-written before October kicked in. This year I was not really paying attention to this challenge because I did not have a topic to write about.
Now, I am joining this at the last minute. I started my permanent position just last month, and it looks like a lot of stuff to study. Studying to build a more professional self.
Or maybe, after a month of writing and exploring, I can precipitate out a system to smooth the chaos from work…

Exploring and Self-discovery to Working Smart

  1. October 1 – The background stuff
  2. October 2 – Problems?
  3. October 3 – Hupset!
  4. October 4 – How to use fallacies to avoid work! (sarcastic)
  5. October 5 – Constructive.
  6. October 6 – Mind set.
  7. October 7 – Skills you need, speaking skill
  8. October 8 – Learning?
  9. October 9 – the how questions? or the trick questions.
  10. October 10 – Priorities
  11. October 11 – Declutter.
  12. October 12 – Friday Party!
  13. October 13 – Games and rules.
  14. October 14 – lost?
  15. October 15 – Okay, the real lost is here.
  16. October 16 – STAR